Malibu Coast AirBnB Elopement

This elopement was at a super cute AirBnB on the coast of Malibu! In true elopement style, it was just the two of them with their best friend officiating the wedding. These two got married right in the middle of the “panorama” and that is partially why they opted to elope vs. have a large wedding. As most couples in 2020 ended up doing also! The Malibu coast is an amazing place to get married and I always recommend it to any couple looking to do an elopement. Between the beautiful beaches and/or the amazing AirBnB’s that are available on the coast you can’t go wrong with any location you choose.

These two actually did both! First, we had their ceremony at this AirBnB that was tucked away high in the hills of Malibu. The aesthetic of the space definitely matched that of the bride and groom. I was able to still capture photos of them getting ready. It’s definitely more intimate and relaxed than a full wedding day. You’re able to take your time and things are definitely not as strict. We then had their ceremony on the back patio area of their stay. The beautiful views made for an EPIC backdrop for them to share their vows. (Which they rock, paper, scissored for to see who went first) Instead of a wine or sand ceremony, these two tied ropes together that would later be hung up in their home. After ceremony we went inside and they cut their cake! It was so cutely decorated and just enough for everyone to have a slice.

After that, we made our way down to El Matador for some bridal portraits. Although the beach was crowded, we were still able to get some amazing shots of them just as the sun was setting.

Loved this day so much, it really showcased how having an elopement really allows for you to bring in your own personality to your wedding day. You can do things your way without a timeline or anyone else telling you what has to or doesn’t have to happen. 10/10 recommend having a Malibu Coast AirBnB elopement!!! I also recommend having me be the photographer. 😉

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September 9, 2021

Malibu Coast AirBnB Elopement

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