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With my Los Angeles boudoir photography services, I go beyond capturing stunning images of your beautiful body; I create an unforgettable experience tailored to each client's desires and comfort. My private studio in Whittier offers a safe and welcoming space, allowing you to embrace your beauty and feel empowered throughout the session. As a boudoir photographer who truly believes in the magic of self-love, I am dedicated to making you feel confident, cherished, and celebrated. Let's craft amazing artwork that showcases your individuality and sensuality, leaving you with timeless mementos to cherish forever. Unleash your inner goddess with a boudoir session that will forever remind you of your strength and allure. Let's create photos where we celebrate female empowerment through captivating boudoir photography. As a passionate Los Angeles boudoir photographer, I believe in showcasing the beauty of all body types. Whether it's a special gift for a wedding, anniversary, or a personal journey of self-love, our boudoir sessions empower every woman. Discover your inner strength and confidence with a boudoir session. Book now for an unforgettable celebration of your unique allure and let my lens tell your empowering story.




1 hour of Photography
Prep Guide
2 Outfit Changes
Minimum 40 Edited Images
Private Online Gallery 

2 hours of Photography
Prep Guide
4 outfit changes
Minimal tasteful nude photos
Minimum 100 Edited Images
Private Online Gallery


Bewitched Babes Boudoir Sessions


“She’s the best hype woman"

Boudoir Babes


Nicole is AMAZING!!! I booked a boudoir session after seeing her work from my friend’s wedding and boudoir session. I am obsessed with my photos! She made me feel so comfortable and she’s the best hype woman you could ask for, especially posing in lingerie! She was extremely professional at the wedding and in the private session! Her work is simply stunning and I can’t wait to book her again! Don’t look any further! Do yourself a favor and book her asap!

“She captured my body in the perfect way."

Boudoir Babes


Nicole is amazing! I booked a boudoir session for my 15th wedding anniversary. I was very nervous going in. She immediately took control and posed me the entire time. She was polite and asked for permission when adjusting my clothing or hair. She made me feel soooo comfortable and told me to let her know if I was ever uncomfortable, which never happened. She made me laugh and it was a very happy session. I left feeling accomplished and excited. THEN I SAW THE PHOTOS! Let me tell you, I am hot! Hahaha. She captured my body in the perfect way. All the areas I was insecure about didn't look bad at all! It's given me a newfound confidence. 

“Nicole made me feel sooo confident and comfortable"

Boudoir Babes


I absolutely loved my photos. Perfect anniversary gift! Nicole made me feel sooo confident and comfortable. I was extremely nervous at first but she walked me through the whole process and made it very exciting and fun. Will definitely be coming back for different shoots including future wedding pictures 

If I can do it,
you can do it!

These photos are of ME! I never thought I would feel secure enough to do one of these sessions on my own.. BUT if i'm going to be photographing them I wanted to know what it was like being on the other side of the camera. It definitely is hard being so vulnerable in front of a camera, but I promise I will make you feel 1000% confident and comfortable!