Retro Fun Joshua Tree Elopement

N+E reached out to me to photograph their intimate Joshua Tree elopement in the height of ‘rona back in 2020. Their date wasn’t until May 2021 and we thought it would be well over by then.. plot twist it was NOT. BUT they were still able to make it work, especially because there was cross-state travel involved!

N+E live in OH, and were traveling to CA for their elopement. Just from reading their inquiry email to me, I could tell they were going to be so chill and sweet to work with.

Here’s a snippet: “We went to the concert together (Odesza) and had our first kiss to the song Higher Ground.. we got engaged March 2020 at The Wave in Arizona.. we both love California and want to elope there. We both are very easy going, love going to concerts and music festivals, love traveling and hiking (corona has ruined most of our hobbies for us for the year lol) We recently started living together and our favorite things to do are taking our hammocks to the park, cooking, and watching Hot Ones on youtube lol”

10/10. To be honest, if you start off describing yourselves as “love going to concerts”, i’m already 110% in!! SO, they traveled to Joshua Tree for their elopement and got ready at the most eclectic AirBnb before driving into the park. Since it was just N+E, it was so much easier to get the small details and take our time. Every detail was gorgeous, but I have to say my absolute favorite parts of the day were N’s dress (you can find it here) and her EYES!!! Please scroll down to take a look and be mesmerized.

The day went super smooth, and just as I expected, N+E were absolute angels to work with!

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January 23, 2023

Retro Fun Joshua Tree Elopement

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